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Your customers don’t like waiting! They expect quick responses.

By Jordan Powell

Emails, Phone calls, Video Calls, Personal Messages, Text Messages, Instant Messaging, Comments, Posts, Tweets! There are so many ways to communicate in our modern world. In every case though we care about communicating quickly and effectively. We cater our messages to best fit our communication medium. We want to be able to share our thoughts as efficiently as possible. One common desired result of our communications is a speedy response! We don’t like to wait. We’re impatient, and for good reason. With so many outlets and technologies, there’s no reason why human interaction should be slow. So how quickly are you responding to your customers?

Did you know that most of your Twitter customers expect a response within the hour? If they’re complaining that’s 72% of all your customers. Of customers who didn’t receive a response in a timely manner, 29% would resort to sharing their experiences with friends and family. After which 38% of these people would hold a grudge. Interacting with customers is important, and doing so as quickly as possible may save business. CrowdRatio can help you figure out what damage has been done with the Negative Feedback feature. Give it a try!
When the brand in contrast did respond in a timely manner, 47% said they would recommend the brand via social media. It seems like a good idea to keep up with your customers when they make an effort to reach out to you. American Airlines sure has this down. They respond to 80% of their customers’ tweeted queries within fifteen minutes! If that wasn’t inspiring enough, they respond to 99% within an hour! As a result, they received praise for the way it handled the Flight 17 tragedy. Incredible that even in an industry tragedy they could procure positive sentiments. While likely not the only factor, decreasing wait times for customer responses certainly helped the airline and can help your business as well.