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What’s your demographic?

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By Jordan Powell

Who’s your crowd? If your audience consists of individuals between the age of 17 and 34, then you’re likely targeting Millennials, and they are a unique audience. As technology changes, it’s important to stay on the forefront of it all. Advertising appropriately to the next wave of consumers is a fundamental way to do this. Do you know what Millennials want to see?
Millennials live for Social Media. They don’t exploit the more traditional communication methods their parents did. Instant messaging, user generated content, captivating visuals, and originality are the values of this generation. Reel in these marketing landscape changing consumers by finding out what makes them tick. Technology and social media are not just means of communication, but actually trusted sources of advice. What if I told you that I went to a coffee shop yesterday based solely on the fact that buzzfeed recommended it? Here are some statistics according to Agu de Marcó over at business2community
How important is it really though to secure your millennial audience? After all, they’re only one segment of the population right? Well it all comes down to two words; purchasing power. Millennials, about 79 million strong, make up 25% of the population. That’s a few million more than the baby boomers. The baby boomers had and continue to have huge influence on culture, politics, and markets. The Millennials will be at least as influential, but likely a lot more. They’re smart and will have some deep pockets. They have the highest college attendance in history and starting in 2017 they’re expected to spend around $200 billion dollars annually. Are you engaging this demographic? CrowdRatio demographics can give you your audience breakdown by age and you can see for yourself.