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Twitter Tips! Twips?

By Jordan Powell

So you’re making some progress in your Social Media Marketing career. No doubt you’ve attempted hitting the constantly moving target that is twitter. It’s possible you’ve invested into twitter ads, but you’re not sure how legitimate your followers are. They don’t seem to be relevant to your industry or business. First thing you’ll want to do is to sort out your followers and solidify your tweeter connections. Then when that’s done we’ve got some tips to make sure your twitter game isn’t lacking.

• Take some time and look at the profiles of various people or their content to see if they’re relevant to your industry. These are the guys you want to follow and with whom you want to interact.
• Make a list of influencers in your field. Utilize Twitter lists, to better organize these influencers, and then the reach out to them!
• Monitor the keywords relevant to you industry. Search for tweets by these keywords and figure out who shares your interests. Use programs like ManageFlitter to even search for key words in people’s bios.
• Include a Twitter icon in your email signature, and website that links to your page. This way it’ll be easy to connect with you through social media sites.
• Join an ongoing twitter chat, and start mingling with your fellow industry marketers. It’s all about networking with those in your field.

Now you know how to lock down some tweeter contacts, check yourself off on these key tips.
• Pin a tweet to the top of your profile so visitors always know what you’re about!
• Don’t start tweets with @Example or only mutual followers of you and Example will see the tweet!
• Include a link to your website in your twitter bio section so it’ll be more readily available to visitors.
• Activate twitter cards on your website and increase your presence on a user’s feed by being able to display videos or pictures along with your post.
• Use those same twitter cards to collect email addresses.
• Keep your tweets to 120 characters to allow space in case a person would like to write a little intro before retweeting.
Got all of that? Now head back over to CrowdRatio to see the results of your efforts.