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Taking your Social Media Marketing baby steps

By Jordan Powell

So you’ve started your Social Marketing Campaign. What’s next? You probably want to know how you’re doing, and so it’s time to start doing some measuring. Additionally you’re likely starting to grasp what you can and cannot do with social media. It’s important that you know what you’re now capable of with this new found power and that you’re able to measure it.
Here are 5 things you should be measuring according to

1. Make sure that your strategy has measurable objectives
2. Measure reach and share of conversation
3. Measure conversion and sales
4. Track and measure all leads
5. Measure your cost savings

Check of the detailed infographic at

Now you have an idea on how to start measuring your social media success. The question remains, how exactly do you do it? Well this is where we at Crowd Ratio step in. All the statistics regarding who’s talking about you, and how you’re doing in terms of numbers on the big two of social media, Twitter and Facebook, are available to you here.
Through social media you have to ability to interact with the big influencers in your industry, directly, as you see fit. You can learn from them, watch, and even join their conversations through sites like Twitter. As powerful as this virtual interaction is however, it is no substitute for in person networking. In person interactions are still the best way to foster relationships. With social media you can find out what people are saying about your brand, and even participate in the conversations to potentially help save face. However, you can only participate. You can’t control the customer opinion, but merely influence it. Finally social media can help you market. It can be hard to connect actual sales or conversions with a specific marketing campaign, however you can certainly build brand awareness. As great as it is to have a large audience via social media, don’t make sales your primary way of assessing your social marketing campaign’s success. It is better to have other more easily measured and directly influenced metrics like user engagement. Read more