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Is the social media marketing effort worth it?

By Jordan Powell

From time to time your may wonder to yourself, why is it I’m putting all this effort into social media marketing? After all isn’t social media just this thing that young adults and teenagers are into right now? Isn’t it just another passing fad? It’s not going to last or anything, so neither will social media marketing. Social media marketing though has a huge potential for real conversions and increase in sales and social media seems here to stay. In fact 92% of marketers say social media is important for their businesses.

Your social media networks help increase brand recognition and business exposure. Facebook and Twitter have a combined 1.5 billion users, and while you probably won’t reach all of those, social media gives you the ability to reach an audience that far exceeds that of your geographic region. As a result international advertising requires about the same amount of effort as local advertising. It’s a great way to attract new customers and interact with your community of current customers. Additionally, even if they aren’t talking to or about you, your customers are providing you with valuable information via their online presence.

A key benefit of Social Media Marketing, is that you can learn about your customers. You can learn what they think of your product or service, and what they think of your company. It’s a lot easier to address the concerns of your customers if you know what they are. As a result social media is a great medium for learning because many people share their feelings on products via their online profiles. There are tons of analytics and reporting tools available, such as Google Analytics or CrowdRatio, to show you patterns, trends, and overall engagement. Of course there are many more reasons to utilize social media marketing, but hopefully these few remind you how valuable your efforts are.