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Make new friends, but keep the old!

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By Jordan Powell

Don’t you wish you could give those who promote your brand free of charge a handshake? Don’t you wish you could recognize them for their hard work, loyalty, and dedication? The usual problem with this though, is that you don’t even know who these magical customers are. Do you? It’s important that you do. CrowdRatio’s top influencer in conjunction with its keywords tracking can tell you exactly who is responsible for your good name.

Sometimes though it’s not that simple. There may be people talking about your brand in a positive light, but they may be outweighed by those discussing your brand in a negative way. Not to fear, there is a way to tackle this situation as well. You can figure out what negative comments are being made about your brand through CrowdRatio as well! The Negative Feedback option of CrowdRatio could help you identify those customers or clients that have had bad experiences with your brand.

According to Brian Honigman, a writer for The New York Times and Forbes, most of the talking about your brand on twitter (over 90% of it), is done without the use of a @yourcompany in the post. This means that people aren’t talking to you, but about you. Stay on top of your social media presence by making sure you’re reaching out and rewarding your best customers and winning over your most displeased customers. It all starts with identifying each group. Once you know where your attention is needed, you can make a plan to give it accordingly and assure your brand is represented in the best possible way on social media sites.