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Getting started in Social Media Marketing? Check out these tips!

By Jordan Powell

Social Media Marketing can seem like an incredibly daunting task as there are so many mediums and outlets on which to reach out. However, there are many who have had success with marketing, and there are tons of tips on the internet as a result. Want to get more out of your social media marketing? Below is what some of the experts over at business2community have to say. Then, when you’ve got your strategy all in order, you’ll want a way to monitor all that success, right? Crowd Ratio’s here to get you all your stats.

Why are you marketing anyways? It’s important to know what your goal is for your social media marketing strategy. What is it that you want to say about your business? Why are you marketing via social media? According to Mandy Edwards, this is the first step to success. Here are the main questions to sort out before embarking on your social media marketing campaign:
• What is my motivation in pursuing social marketing for my business?
• Do I have an online community?
• What do I want to achieve most from social marketing? – Sales? Leads? Exposure?
• Am I using this for a single event or am I trying to build a community?

Once you’ve answered these questions, put your responses together and make that your mission statement. Then make sure everything you do regarding your social media marketing reflects this mission in some way, shape, or form. Get more detail at
There are some good habits that go along nicely with this, your mission, should you choose to accept it. Have a routine and figure out what settings work best for you to be productive. Read as much as possible to figure out what’s trending, what campaigns are being successful, and about what the industry leaders are saying. Recognize that you’re merely joining the struggle bus. It’s going to be hard, and what separates the good from the great is how well you can push through that difficulty. Assume nothing about your customers. If you want to come to a conclusion, make sure there are some facts to back it up. Learn more at