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Alright it’s worth it, but are you willing to invest?

By Jordan Powell

The truth is that social media marketing is a commitment. The internet may provide a huge audience, however it is also filled with content trying to get to this audience. It’s a competition to not only get the attention of customers and potential customers, but also fighting in some cases to even show up on the various information feeds of these users. As a result, it takes some degree of time investment to build an online community, and truly take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing.

It’s important to recognize a few things when getting into this type of advertising. As stated before, success will take time, and while your customers might expect instantaneous responses and feedback, you cannot expect anything. The return on investment for social media marketing is slow coming, but it is worth it. Additionally, this isn’t something you can do in your free time, and hope to have wide success. There needs to be a Social Media Marketing guy that is investing several quality hours each week into building your online presence.

This form of marketing uses methods that probably wouldn’t work anywhere else. A big part of advertising your own company will likely involve advertising and interacting with content of other businesses in your industry, even competitors. You also have to make content that is interesting enough that your competitors will want to do the same. You’ll have to interact with people to build a community, and facilitate a two way conversation in which you listen to and address the needs of your customers and potential customers. Not everything they say will be positive, and this is a great medium for honing customer service skills and addressing concerns without being able to actually contain or control them. There are however services to help you out. CrowdRatio for example can help find those negative comments so you can work to win over valuable customers. It’s a brave new world. Make sure you’re here for the long haul before diving in. Check out this infographic from to learn more!